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What does ESKA BMS entail?

ESKA BMS covers a number of functionalities to help with all your broker management activities. ESKA BMS currently consists of a user profile feature, general brokerage system and life brokerage system. Each insurance system consists of its own subsystems, such as setup, production, claims and more, depending on the needs and workflow of each industry.
This comprehensive system can help manage all your insurance tasks no matter your needs. These tools are made to reduce your burden and increase efficiency.

What type of company is ESKA BMS suitable for?

ESKA BMS is made for easing up the business processes of brokerage companies, be it in the private or public sector.

How will I know that ESKA BMS will work for my brokerage company?

ESKA BMS is designed to be customizable according to your company’s needs and regulations. That means it is adaptable for all types of brokerage companies, no matter where you are located or in, whether specializing in life or general insurance.

What does it mean to have ESKA BMS in the Cloud?

It means that the ESKA BMS system will be accessible through a SaaS Cloud computing service model, which means greater flexibility and accessibility anytime anywhere due to its availability of being in the Cloud.

What are the benefits of having your broker management system in the Cloud?

The Cloud creates a more convenient system when dealing with all your clients and insurers, providing efficient and speedy results. Check out in detail why the Cloud can work as an essential part of your workflow. Learn more.

Does ESKA BMS work for On-Premise use?

Yes, ESKA BMS may be installed for On-Premise use and is not limited to the Cloud. Check out how our On-Premise solution can benefit you.Learn more.

Can I access ESKA BMS from any device?

Yes, as long as it is connected to the internet and a smart device, such as your iPad and mobile phone. Your ESKA BMS system should be accessible anytime anywhere through the electronic device of your pick.

Does the system work on different web browsers?

Yes, ESKA BMS is compatible with multiple web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

How do I know my data is safe?

ESKADENIA hosts the highest standard of servers to ensure 99.9% uptime and world-class encryption and security. We make sure that all your data is protected, as well as continuously update our security protection.

Are the systems sold separately?

ESKA BMS comes with the full integrated system, however, some might be available as a stand-alone product. Contact us for more information!

Can I upgrade from one package to another if I purchase ESKA BMS?

Yes, you can upgrade your purchase package once you have chosen another package.

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