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User Profile Creation

ESKA BMS provides a single sign-on feature for each user, allowing you to customize your profile and dashboard accordingly to your needs. platform.

Thanks to a customizable system, you can easily insert your general information, such as name, title and more to create the ideal profile that fits you and or any employees within your company.

A system fit for all employees

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Inserting general information

This system saves all general information of your clients, including their contact details. This may include their names, their cases and more. We keep all the essential data through an online space that is easily accessible.


Unique username and password

Providing a secure login system with a unique username and password is key to keeping your system safe. ESKA BMS ensures a powerful program to manage all your needs and essential data.


The flexibility of widgets

Customize and set the widgets you prefer based on what information you would like to view on your dashboard. With fully personalized widgets, you can choose which factors and parameters work for you the most.


Notification alerts

Creating customized notification is also a great way to keep on track of all your assignments. Choosing which tasks you would like to prioritize is now a simple task, merely create the right notification for your specific needs.


The ideal dashboard

Have a summary of your profile and essential information through one user-friendly layout. Thanks to this convenient dashboard, you can easily keep track of all details and any additional tasks you still need to accomplish.


Profiles easily personalized

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