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Customized Settings

ESKA BMS allows you to set all your essential parameters and configuration settings in order to achieve a conducive business process.
Understand your ESKA BMS life insurance beforehand by predefining your essential elements and configuration.

Making life insurance management easy

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Profile creation

Easily set up profiles for your insurers and brokers for clear information on both sides. You may also set hierarchal roles in order to create secure access based on the roles and position of your employees.


Products and offerings easily defined

Define your products easily and what it offers, this may also include defining your riders and the relation between your products and riders. Thorough information predefined from the start.


Payment management setting

Construct your payment management easily with the help of ESKA BMS. This powerful system will set all your preferred payment methods and frequencies to ease up the financial process later on.


Occupation and occupational classes

Setting your occupation and occupational classes according to their risks and hazard is also supported in order to achieve full productivity. By aligning occupations, you can easily define any potential risks that are to happen.


Documents, wordings and serialization

Setting up your preferences based on your company’s needs and rules is also essential, BMS ensures that you can do just that. You can customize any wordings and realization needed for the insurance process, as well as attach any documents needed.


Pre-defined elements for brokers

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