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ESKA® BMS is a broker management system made to help out with the day-to-day activities of brokers. Acting as a mediator between clients and insurance companies, ESKA BMS functions to ease process and increase productivity. Covering General, Life and Medical insurance, this convenient system covers a number of sectors and incidents for your insurance needs. This may include Property/Fire, General Accidents, Engineering, Marine, Motor, Medical and Group Life lines.

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Thorough profile creation

Thanks to a fully customized system, you can simply create a personalized profile based on your needs and or title. Easily view all your essential information, from policies to claims, all available through a thorough dashboard.

General insurance taken care of

Handling your general insurance services in no time. Take care of all your general insurance tasks with no problems, from generating quotations to issuing policies, we can help create a conducive process.

Life insurance simply made

Why not accelerate your life insurance processing with a digitized system to help productivity. Now you can experience a powerful process for handling your life insurance production.

Financial integration

ESKA BMS integrates greatly with ESKADENIA’s financial management system, ESKA Financial. Thanks to a fully synched process, you can easily calculate and process all fees and payment cycles without the worries.

Reporting and analysis

Easily receive a thorough analysis of all your transactions and policies to help with understanding your business processes better. Thanks to a digitally generated report, you can view all your essentials through a convenient dashboard.

Product customization

Through dynamic and flexible systems, ESKA BMS can easily meet your insurance preferences and company rules. Choose the setup, terms and process that caters to you the most.

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At ESKADENIA, we bring you services to help maintain your understanding and the smooth process a digitalized system can bring. Uncover the convenience our services can bring to you.

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Why the Cloud?

As businesses are transforming, so are the demands for more technological innovations. Industries like the brokers and exchanges sector are now in need of digitalization with growing demands in the market, which is why the Cloud provides a great solution to manage all your brokerage tasks.
Uncover how the Cloud can help improve your insurance management.

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